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7885 -- Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth -- Darapsa myron_6-14-2008_Athol.JPG
NEW! Moths By the Porch light Summer 2008

Image by Bruce Wilson

10-17-2007 Black Bear visited my feeder in Athol
Taken with infrared digital game camera

Quabbin Controlled Deer Hunt

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Butterflies of Texas 2004

Ocala Skipper Petersham 2003 

Clearwing Moths - Bob Bellemare 2003

A few Moths 2003

Smeared Dagger Moth

Sphinx Moth 2004

Ailanthus Webworm Moth

Texas NABA Conference  And On To Mexico!


DSA Pennsylvania 2005

DSA Tugg Hill NY 2002

Mt Tom Odes 2003

Wood Turtle Snaketails Millers 2003

American Rubyspot

ABNC & Other Trips

Dead Creek Snow Geese 2003

Kayak Lawrence Brook 2003

Quabbin - ABNC & BBC 2003

Royalston Falls Oct 2002



Vacation Time

Belize 2005 

Texas February-March 2004

Georgia vacation April 2003

Rangeley Maine - BBC

California Sept 2003

Wisconsin August 2002

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Continuing Statewide Survey of Hetaerina Americana

The search Broadens
Gomphus abbreviatus, Stylurus Spiniceps, Stylurus scudderi
A project of the ABNC and MNHESP

A day with David Carroll and Friends in Warner, New Hampshire
August 13, 2005

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These pages are a chronology of what catches my interest through the season. They have no particular intention except to share observations with others and gratify my own curiosity. Please feel free to comment and correct any errors or omissions I have made...